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This is a partial list of private and corporate collections that hold tapestries, etchings, serigraphs, water colors and oil paintings work created by Bob Boreman.

ADM Hardin Associates, Georgia
Agricultural Products, Los Angeles
Baskin Robins Corporate Office, Los Angeles
Brentwood International, Los Angeles
Centerpoint Corporation, Los Angeles
Chapman memorial Hospital, Los Angeles
Cutter and Cutter Attorneys, Los Angeles
Decision Making Corp, Los Angeles
Getty Oil Corp, Los Angeles
Higgs Fletcher & Mack, Los Angeles
Hirsch/Bedner Design, Los Angeles
IBM, Los Angeles
Klein & Gardner, Los Angeles
Mitsui Manufacturer Bank, Los Angeles
Santa Monica Associates, CA
UCM, Los Angeles
Westerfall Interior Systems, Los Angeles
McCutcheeon, Black Verieger & Shea, Los Angeles

American Airlines, LAX CA
Kennedy Airport, New York
U.S. Airlines, LAX CA
Los Angeles International Airport, CA

Doubletree Hotel Orange County
Doubletree Hotel Tucson, Az
Hawaiian Princess Hotel, Waikki
Hilton Hotel Disney World, Orlando, FL
Hilton Hotel Grand Rapids, MI
Hilton Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Hilton Hotel LAX Airport
Hilton Hotel Minneapolis, MN
Hilton Hotel Westchase
Hayatt Hotel Austin, TX
Hayatt Hotel Balttimore, MD
Hayatt Hotel Columbus, OH
Hayatt Hotel Chicago, ILL
Hayatt Hotel Dearborn, MI
Hayatt Hotel Louisville, KY
Hayatt Hotel Palm Springs, FL
Hayatt Hotel New Brunswick
Pier 66 Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Chicago, Ill
Riviera Hotel, Palm Springs
Sheratan Hotel, Tacine, Wisconsin
Sheratan Harber Island, San Diego, CA
Somerset Hotel New Jersey

Alice Cooper, Musician